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What are your costs?

There are a lot of variables that determine cost. Like the number of seats you will you be running, the hours they will be running, the specific requirements of the agents. But if I were to “ball park” it, you’re looking at around $8 – $25 per hour. Remember, this is not just labor cost, this is an ALL-INCLUSIVE cost. When you factor in all the overhead costs of a domestic office in the US, Canada, Australia or UK, you could be talking anywhere from $20 – $80 an hour.


Can I hear how the agents sound?

Philippines is the #1 destination for English speaking call center reps. That’s why major blue chip companies like Dell, Microsoft & Sprint (just to name a few) have relocated their customer support services here. As an additional quality control measure – you’ll have the ability to approve call center agents BEFORE they go live on your campaign – this ensures you of 100% satisfaction with the quality of agents you’ll have handling calls on your campaign.


Why the Philippines?

Well, there’s actually a lot of great places to outsource with a lot of great people running them.. But, there’s one reason why we’re located in the Philippines, that’s because there is a higher concentration of fluently speaking, western culture aligned agents here than anywhere else in the world. For specific reasons on why the Philippines is better than India, I suggest you read Richard Mills Challenging Mckinsey. “…a survey by the Michigan-based global staffing firm Kelly Services Inc. and the Singaporean market research outfit ACA Research Inc. showed that Filipino call center employees worked harder, were easier to train, had better language skills and were more devoted than their counterparts in India.”


What kind of cost savings can I realize by outsourcing?

We discussed this at the top, but, for example, a 25-seat customer service operation moving from the US to the Philippines could reasonably expect to save $600,000 or more. That’s a pretty hefty incentive for outsourcing.


How do I ensure that the same management controls are maintained when the process goes offshore?

This is a great question, and often the most critical. The first step is analyzing your current situation. Often, very complex operations can be streamlined with software or some “outside of the woods” thinking. In other words – someone with a fresh, new perspective. The second step is forming the plan of attack. Prior, proper planning prevents poor performance – or something to that affect.


What kind of lines are you guys using: IPLC, VOIP or TDM?

(If you don’t know what any of those acronyms mean, don’t worry.) - We’re using VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Yes I know, a few years ago it would have been unheard of. But with the recent advancements in the technology, it’s actually better than some of the dedicated IPLC lines we’ve used in the past. Quite stunning really. VOIP is changing the world of outsourcing rapidly.


What is the line quality like?

Well, we wouldn’t be in the business of call centers if we offered anything less than a quality line connection. Toll quality lines (the calls you make from a traditional phone) transmit at less than 200 ms, so you don’t notice a delay. Well, our VOIP is now transmitting at less than 200 ms, which means – you guessed it, no noticeable delay.


I treasure my customer database, how do I make sure that my data is secure?

Great question. This is a major issue in outsourcing. No matter how many iron-clad non-disclosure agreements you try to have a vendor sign, unless you can really trust who you’re working with – there really is no other way to protect your data. Once you’ve got your data in the hands of a company you trust, there are other measures you can take to keep it secure. Like, simply having your database stored on-site in your office and having a few of our designated agents draw from the database to make or handle calls. There is also the option of transporting the data to our location, and having it stored on a secure, fire-walled server to prevent break ins or any chance of data theft. If you have highly sensitive data, like credit cards and social security numbers, we can plan out your security needs accordingly and have them addressed before you outsource.


Will my customers know that I’m offshoring?

- If they are Filipino, yes. But for the most part, unless you want to tell them, customers will not know that you’re offshoring the work. Filipino agents have accents that could pass in any major city, with a melting pot of immigrants and diverse ethnicities.


What kind of services do you provide?

Is it just inbound, or do you do outbound as well? - We endeavor to be the best service provider in Inbound services so we only do inbound because outbound can honestly be a real resource hog.


Is it possible to run a trial campaign?

Yes. But before we run a trial, we want to make sure there’s long-term potential. We analyze every project on a case-by-case basis.


What kind of software are you guys using?

Well, I could tell you that we’re using a state of the art PBX, and a fully loaded predictive dialer. And on inbound services which accepts cedit card payments, we use our over own IntegrityPCI. It is a software that effectively block the DTMF tones, this case, credit card data of the caller is never stored, or heard, or seen by the staff. For more info, please visit,


What kind of attrition rates do you guys have?

This really depends on the campaign you’re running. If it’s inbound, attrition rates are extremely low.


Will you bill me from the US or from the Philippines?

We could bill you from both locations. We have a US bank account for easy payments by wire transfer. One note on billing – we only accept bank wires.


Is there a setup fee involved?

We generally don’t charge a setup for long-term campaigns.


Do you have references?

Yes, upon request.


I’m not the one who makes a final decision, do you have a brochure that I can take to my boss?

Sure! Just click the “Contact us and click download link for our brochure.