Who We Are

We are experts in providing omnichannel support services allowing our partners to provide multiple means of connecting with their customers.

Vision and Values

We're working to make contact solution more valuable to the world with:



IntegrityBPO endeavors to be one of the biggest call center here and abroad providing premium cost effective and quality Customer Management services to its clients in Inbound BPO services.



We believe that the honesty and trust of all our esteemed management and corporate clients are essential for our growth to attain critical business competence, proficiency and excellence.



We highly believed in maintaining and imposing proper discipline to all the employees including the management and agents inorder to attain our mission and provide quality service to our clients.
We also commit to be abided by the laws and policies within and even outside the office premises.


Customer Experience

We strongly believed that our clients are the heart of every business, thus believing that satisfaction and delight of our corporate client should be highly prioritized.
We commit to provide quality and competitive services, products and programs to all members and clients of the company.


Cooperation & Teamwork

We believe that the survival of our organization highly depends on unity, cooperation and teamwork of all the management team. We commit to promote solidarity, teamwork.


Professionalism + Care

We believe that the welfare of the organization should prevail over the personal interests of all its clients. We commit to do and conduct business and decision making processes with utmost professionalism and care.


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How we started

  • 2009
  • 2011
  • 2012
  • 2019


IntegrityNet was founded at Houston, United States year 2009. IntegrityNet launched IntegrityBPO and was able to enlarge and hit it on the call center industry, thus expanding its business in the Philippine market by October 2010. IntegrityBPO aims to deliver exceptional customer service and support and envisions itself to be the largest organization that redefines the standards of global contact solutions. It started with only ten seats and now it is servicing different accounts in both inbound and outbound with more than one hundred employees. During the years 2010 and 2011, IntegrityNet was only renting a small space to operate its small business. Until it decided to expand its operations and build its own building.


IntegrityNet I

IntegrityNet builds its very own and first building in the heart of Batangas City. It boasts its unique architectural design, two-storey building designed in sophistication, wide and spacious operational area, a conference room and several offices. IntegrityNet also launched new innovative solutions in today's telecommunication. It has produced IntegrityPBX, a phone system that is considered as the strongest service in today's telecommunication. IntegrityPBX is a premise-based phone system that will save up to 50% cost of any organizations monthly phone bill.

IntegrityPBX comes with unlimited features with its SMS and GSM gateways. IntegrityNet proudly launches IntegrityPCI. A software that does not require hardware installation and instantly makes any organization that accepts credit card data over the phone a PCI_DSS compliant. It is a software that protects credit card data from theft and fraud. It differs from any kind of solutions because it does not require you to change your order-entry system. It is universal. It truly brings integrity to voice transactions.


IntegrityNet II

IntegrityNet builds its second building to cater an increasing demand of quality customer service. IntegrityNet I has been exclusively for operations with more than a hundred agents. IntegrityNet II holds its offices that constantly innovates new resources and solutions that are efficient for life.

IntegrityNet is also building its grand pool residences beside IntegrityNet I. Luks Lofts boasts its grand two-bedroom lost-style unit, furnished with gorgeous furnirues, saune and a jacuzzi/endless pool in each apartment. IntegrityNet has never stopped achieving its dreams and never they shall stop thinking outside the box all for innovation and creativity.



IntegrityBPO continues to provide quality customer service throughout its clients, and continues to expand even more!.


Workspace Views

A look at where we work and play, with sweeping views of Batangas City.

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